You can add Flickr to the list of major websites that China has taken the ban-stick to. At first Yahoo thought it was just a technical glitch, but later found out that the images were actually being blocked.

Many AT&T U-Verse customers were hoping for new features like multiple HD streams or whole home DVR by 2007. Well, these updates look like they won't be showing up until at least March of 2008. Sorry.


Looking for a new line of business? Well, stay away from hard drives. Due to heavy price competition between the top six manufacturers, they aren't making too much off of their drives right now. For instance, Seagate's net income dropped by $62 million dollars to $212 million due to the price wars.

On the other hand, Sony is seeing lots of growth, due to their TV and camera sales. The Sony Electronics division had a 7% surge in sales compared with last year's earnings.

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