Google is in the process of acquiring yet another company. This time it's Panoramio, a Spanish photo-sharing website that specializes in location tags for their images.

The Chief Technology Officer for Yahoo, Farzad Nazem, decided to call it quits after a 10-year run. His last day is June 8th. Please bring a baked good or soda.


AT&T is launching an international texting program. Now for $.10 a message or 100 messages for $9.99 a month you can text overseas with confidence. Our question is, Why would you sign up for the 100 messages option? Since you only save $.01.

Your in-boxes are free! Your in-boxes are free! Well not really, but spam master Robert Soloway was arrested. The 27-year-old spammer could be stuck in the slammer until he's 92, if he gets the maximum sentence.

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