Quick News: Blockbuster goes Blu-ray and More

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In a mainstream blow for HD DVD, Blockbuster formally decided to pickup Blu-ray as it's direction for HD disc rentals. If only there were an online version of Blockbuster that carried both formats...


Google released a new blog focused on public policy today. And imagine this, it seems to be centered around a lot of the concerns people have about Google owning the Universes secrets.

It looks like Joost isn't just looking to take over the online television sector for PC's, but for gadgets and TV's as well. They are tossing around plans to have the application embedded inside everything from HDTV's to a cellphones.

And speaking of incorporating applications into gadgets, BitTorrent released their software development kit for consumer electronics. Hopefully this will spark a trend with companies like Lacie or Motorola to add this feature into their upcoming lineup.

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