It may not be full-fledged demo's worth, but at least it's something. Nintendo added 30 second clips to their Virtual Console website. Now you can make sure that the image in your head matches the real thing.

Comcast has decided to combine email, voicemail & IM into one easy portal. They have tapped the open source messaging suite Zimbra, to help with the new program they're calling SmartZone.


The more HD programming the better, CBS announced that by 2008, all of their NFL broadcasts will be in HD. You'd think every NFL game would be in HD by now, since a good portion of HDTV purchases are propelled by football alone.

It looks like someone bigger than Viacom is pissed off at YouTube. Thailand, yes the entire country, is planning on suing the video streaming website for hosting clips that "insult" their king.

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