Quick News: OLPC, ScreenTonic and More

How on earth is AOL losing customers when nearly every other ISP is posting thousands and thousands of new ones? And they didn't just lose a few, they lost 1.18 million last quarter alone.

And in the latest "me-too," Microsoft, in an effort to hang with the cool kids, bought their own ad firm. They went with a French mobile group called ScreenTonic.


Spammers just keep getting more and more creative. Now they are evading email filters by attaching encrypted or password-protected files to their messages, which filters tend to not scan. Prepare for an onslaught of V1agr^ emails.

All you OLPC lovers who were flipping out that they were going to bring Windows XP to the platform can relax. The president of Software and Content for OLPC, said that no one at the company is even working with Microsoft.

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