R2-Beer2 is My Kind of Droid

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Sure, it can't repair or refuel your X-wing, nor can it project a video on your wall, but it can get you drunk. If given a choice between the original R2 and this guy… well, I'm just saying it wouldn't be an easy decision. [Geekstir via Coolest Gadgets]




I'd go with the oreginal, or the original thats in episode 1-3 because of the added jets. He could easily do something that would result in me getting drunk for free. I could hire him out or something, send him to the store to get beer(wait no, probably not, he doesn't have ID, so like the 8-Bit song say I would have to get him a fake ID). And he could fix my broken monitor, tune the shit out of my new computer, etc. God a sophisticated robot would be so awesome! Hell his internal brain would be a better gaming computer than anything we have now.