R2D2 Mailbox: Use the Postal Service, Luke

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No announcement has been made as yet, but these R2D2-themed mailboxes will be in post offices throughout the US later this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. They are not, however, being placed on the streets in case any enterprising Jawas spot them and steal them for scrap (or put them on eBay). Might we be seeing a whole host of SW-themed products? The boxes have uspsjedimaster.com emblazoned on the front, but there's nothing on the site as yet. And still no confirmation as to whether the mailman will be dressing up as Chewie.


R2D2-themed mailboxes - Not So Long Ago At A Post Office Not So Far Away [OhGizmo!]


So if I open the mailbox, do I expect a holographic playback of Carrie Fisher and her taped up nipples?