Radical Face: Always Gold

Last week, I went to watch the incredible Valley Uprising documentary, which is an epic two-hour runthrough of the evolution of climbing in Yosemite Valley. In addition to lycra-clad hippies making a fortune off a downed drug-smuggling airliner (no, seriously), it also reminded me of the existence of Radical Face's excellent and feels-heavy "Always Gold".


The song is part of the 2011 album The Roots. The music video also gets a special mention, thanks to its budget origins. According to Ben Cooper, the artist behind Radical Face:

It follows a couple of brothers, and is from the point of view of the one who's always around to clean up the other's messes and get him out of trouble. My friend, Brian, was kind enough to both play my brother in the video and let us use his house (taking it apart in the process). We made the whole thing for under 50 bucks since we already owned most of the necessary props. We also learned the dangers of sketchy moonshine.


David Nield

Excellent (one-man) band.