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Random Doctor Who plot generator is an addictive time sink

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Holy crap, I could keep playing with this all day. The folks over at Us Vs. Th3m created "6 lines of JavaScript that write Doctor Who plots indistinguishable from the current series." And amazingly enough, it works quite well. Steven Moffat, bookmark this page.

Here's a typical plot description from the random plot generator:

A failsafe on the TARDIS console blows, sending her crashing towards Metebelis Three, but it isn’t how the Doctor remembers it used to be. Isolated from the Doctor, Clara goes on to discover the last Adherents of the Repeated Meme. Clara’s memories of her father save the day. One of the annoying kids that Clara is nanny to is revealed as a new incarnation of Romana.

There's tons more — often someone from Downton Abbey is the voice of a computer, which is a nice touch. What's your favorite randomly generated Doctor Who plot? [Us Vs. Th3m]