Cramming Three 4K Displays Into One Huge Gaming Laptop Is So Insane That Obviously Razer Did It

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You know what the laptop needed to make it better? It doesn’t need better battery life or to be lighter or thinner. It needs three goddamn 4K displays strapped onto one device. At least that is what Razer thinks, and having played with its new concept device, Project Valerie, I’ve got to say, I’m down with having a laptop that’s thick as a brick so long as it has three 17.3-inch monitors built in. That’s a lot of pixels.

When closed the Project Valerie prototype looks like a super beefy Razer Blade Pro, and has the guts to match, including a Nvidia 1080 graphics card and an Intel Kaby Lake processor, but once the laptop opens up, Razer is hoping that a full-on transformer moment will happen, with two 4K displays automatically folding out from the primary display like wings emerging from a Harrier jet.

Unfortunately, Project Valerie is still exists purely in the realm of concept. In a closed-door briefing, Razer let Gizmodo try two separate units, and they’re very cool. The 1080 graphics card had no problems powering all three 4K monitors at once while I played Battlefield 1, though the fans spun the entire time and the laptop got hot enough that I probably could have cooked an egg on it.


But the lack of a working mechanism to automatically extend the monitors, and the fact that it’s still a concept, with no defined date of release or price tag, does diminish enthusiasm a little.

But only a little. Because holy shit guys. A laptop with 12K resolution.

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