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Mobileburn has been playing with a prototype, the much ballyhooed RAZR 2 for the past couple of days, and there's not much of a surprise here: They like it quite a bit.


The haptic-feedback external touchscreen steals the show button-wise, leaving no doubt that the phone has registered your commands. Generally speaking, the buttons all around have gotten a substantial usability upgrade thanks to the extra space afforded by the phone's added length; the lone exception is the camera shutter button, which for some reason was fairly loose.


The new Moto UI is a major upgrade from the original one that is substantially faster and more customizable: "People will have to forget about how they felt about the old Motorola UI used in the original RAZR handsets, because things are completely different in the new system."

In short, the RAZR 2 "is a good looking, solid folder that is everything the original RAZR V3 was — and then some." Odds are, then, that if you weren't a fan of the original RAZR, you might not fall in love with RAZR 2, either.

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