Re-Grow Your Skin With "Cosmeceuticals"

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Several new products that hover between being cosmetics and pharmeceuticals promise to make aging skin look young again. And apparently there's medical proof that they work. The main signs of aging skin are an uneven surface, wrinkles, and discoloration. Now a North Carolina dermatologist says each of these symptoms can be treated with simple, topical "cosmeceuticals." We can't grow skin in a vat for you, but we can rejuvenate what you've got.


The researcher claims:

Skin surface irregularity can be improved through the topical application of niacin, while the appearance of fine lines can be diminished through the application of moisturizers containing engineered peptides and over-the-counter retinoids. Skin pigmentation can become more regular with the use of photoprotective ingredients. Furthermore, combining cosmeceutical ingredients in a moisturizing agent can magnify benefits and improve skin appearance.


So basically you're trying to sell me moisturizing creme with niacin (Vitamin B), retinoids (acne medicine), and "photoprotective ingredients" (sunblock)? Wow, sounds super scientific. It's like day creme with added vitamins and minerals!

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