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Read Alan Moore's parody of Frank Miller's Daredevil from 1983

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A 1983 issue of the UK Marvel anthology Daredevils featured an odd back-up story that spoofed Frank Miller's acclaimed run on Daredevil. This throwaway strip would've probably been forgotten...if it weren't written by Alan Moore.

This strip — entitled "Grit!" — was a pitch-perfect mock-up of Miller's gritty depiction of New York City. Artist Mike Collins assiduously emulated Daredevil's style. Moore kept Miller's tone but replaced his prose with a story straight out of Cracked or Mad. Note the weirdly hostile narration directed towards the reader.


In other Alan Moore news, the author recently sent a message out to aliens on BBC Radio 6. What was Moore's message to extraterrestrials? "We're doing alright with the carbon base lifeform thing. Kids are diversifying nicely, going through a bit of a fad for spines and brains at the minute but it's probably the same where you are [...] So if you received this, get in touch, but actually thinking about it, don't bother calling after about, what, 2150, because I'm not expecting anyone to be in."

[Big ups to X-Ray Spex for posting this obscure strip. Sundry Alan Moore news via Bleeding Cool and VBS]