Readers, Send In Your Google Camera Car Pics

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Google has its eye on you? We're putting a few eyes right back on Google! After our tipster spotted that fleet of Google Streetview camera cars a couple of weeks ago, readers are starting to notice the cars cruising far and wide. In fact, reader Matt sent us the photo you see above that looks like it could be one of those Chevy Cobalt Streetview camera cars tooling down the street in Philadelphia. It's a little hard to see whether there is actually one of those 360° cameras up top, so we were hoping other readers might give us a better view.


This is from Matt:

Yesterday I was walking to the Market-Frankford line to head home for the day, when I noticed a car that had pulled up to the traffic light had an unusual pole strapped to it. At the top was a little red cylinder with four holes facing four different directions. This reminded me of the Streetview fleet post on Gizmodo a couple weeks ago, and so rather than doing something silly like picking my nose for the camera, I decided to snap a picture. The camera looks decidedly different from the one linked to in the previously mentioned post.

If you've spotted one of these cars, or the previously used Google camera vans, grab a snapshot of it and send it to us at, and we'll put together a gallery of all the best pics for all to see right here on the Giz. Just attach the photo to your email to us, and please, reduce its size to a maximum of 800 pixels on any side.



Well, since Matt said Market-Frankford line, I'm gonna assume he's from Philly, but it would have been nice to know that for sure.