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While the staff of the Kunming make believe Apple Store have no problem at all with their illegitimacy, their customers aren't taking it in stride. In fact, they're pretty angry, Reuters reports.


It appears many of the store's patrons bought shiny goodies under the belief that the store had been ordained by Mr. Jobs, or at least his Chinese proxy. Now, they're demanding satisfaction, despite the store's assurances that everything they sell is authentic:

"When I heard the news I rushed here immediately to get the receipt, I am so upset," a customer surnamed Wang told Reuters, near tears. "With a store this big, it looks so believable who would have thought it was fake?"


Although I'm not sure I'd be moved to tears over the revelation, I can see why you'd be miffed after dropping thousands on electronics. So, given the store's stated commitment to customer satisfaction, I'm sure they're handling this gracefully, right?

"Where's my receipt, you promised me my receipt last month!" Wang shouted at employees, before being whisked away to an upstairs room.

Uhhh. I'm sure they whisked her to an upstairs room to give her a receipt, right? And to apologize? Right? That's why she was whisked away to an upstairs room? Should I stop writing this and call the Kunming police? [Reuters]

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