Real Geeks Dine at a Periodic Table Table

You claim to be interested in science? Do you sit down of an evening to eat your dinner at a periodic table table? No? Then be quiet. Because Theo Gray, co-founder of Wolfram Research, out-geeks you, hands down.


In Gray's home, you can find a table dedicated to all the elements. Within the table are individual compartments ordered like the periodic table, each of which holds samples relevant to the particular element. From a silicon disc engraved with Homer Simpson, through a jar of mercury, to uranium shells, each element features. (Apart from the super-radioactive ones, obviously.) As he points out, some elements are harder to collect for than others—especially gases.

I know of a scientist who receives a sample of the element whose atomic number corresponds to their age every year as a birthday present. Until now, I thought that was the best chemistry collection I knew of. Now I'm not so sure. [Byte Size Science]


This reminds me of Cosmos. I think there was a scene where a periodic chart covered in samples of each element is shifted and all the elements spill all over. It might have been in reverse so that they all land where they belong. I rather forget the situation now.