Rear-View Mirror GPS To Come to US, Named SmartMirror

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Previously named the DS400GB, the SmartMirror is a GPS system that is mounted in place of your conventional rear-view mirror, and has a rear-facing cam input. With Navigon Mobile Navigator 6.5 inside, it's got "reality view", a 4-inch touchscreen, integrated speakers and Bluetooth and takes SD cards. It's actually got two inputs for rear-view cameras, which may be good news for the parking-skill-challenged. It sounds like a neat solution, but I'm a little unconvinced that mounting a GPS high up there on the windscreen isn't actually going to distract you from looking in the rear-view mirror— after all, we know how distracting GPS can be. SmartMirror will be available August 1st for $799. [Navigadget]




The Navigon GPS is pretty cool. We did a review of it a while back:


We have reviewed our share of GPS devices. What is needed is a HUD on the windshield. The "reality view" is already there...called "the road" :-)

If the turn indicators can be displayed directly on the windshield, then it would be a lot less distracting. It would be even better if the turn indicators could be made so that visually it appear "out on the road" where the turn is suppose to take place. That way the eye does not have to keep focusing back and forth.