Rechargeable LED Lamps

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Rechargeable LED lamps are fantastic to have around the house because they give off soft light just like candles, but you can leave them anywhere you like without worrying about burning the place down. The Rotondo (left, above) is one of three mouth-blown glass LED lamps Lightology sells for $125.10, all of them are water-resistant, rechargeable and let you change the light color they give off—the store also carries a wine chiller that does the same for $207.90.


If you'd rather have a few lights to scatter around and not spend so much money, we've loved Vessel's candela line since first seeing them at the MoMA store some years back. You can get a set of two white candelas for $49 or a set of four white (right, above) or colored candelas for $89. Each one is as bright as a candle, its light lasts for about five hours and is easily recharged on a charging platter which holds the set together. If you have children or like your household items to be quirky, $49 buys you a set of two super cute candeloo lights, which come in blue/green or orange/fuchsia, and look like slugs with their fat bodies and little ears.

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