Recreating the Antique Poster That Inspired a Beatles Song

John Lennon wrote "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" in 1967, but most of the fanciful lyrics were actually written in 1843. You see, Lennon didn't pull them out of a drug-induced hallucination—he pulled them off a 19th-century poster advertising the Pablo Fanque Circus. The story's actually fairly well known, but there are only a few existing photographs of the poster out there. Here's how one man set out to recreate the original using the traditional techniques of wood engraving and letterpress printing. The results are stunning. [Cool Material]


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I think it's funny they

"made dozens of proofs, and hundreds of tiny adjustments"

because I'm fairly certain that they didn't do that for the original. Quick and 'good enough' is much more likely..