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Recursive Pizza Topped With Smaller Pizzas Requires Advanced Degree to Eat

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

John Riepenhoff is an artist, not a chef. Which is why he describes his pizza-topped pizza as "meant to address the ontology of the social as material in art." I love art theory, but I just want a slice.

Riepenhoff's project—yes, it's a project, not just a pizza—is entitled Physical Pizza Networking Theory was created as part of a collage show at a Milwaukee gallery. And just how is this pizza a collage?

The final piece was a collage of different cultures' food (Hawaiian, vegan, meat lovers, macaroni, pepperoni, pesto pine nut, etc.), a collage of the actual pizza itself in an attempt at providing some perspective to the viewer of the levels of experience they might be having outside of the pizza, and finally a collage of the people attending the opening and participating in the piece by putting it inside of them.


We'll take it. Wonderful work, John. [Slice via Laughing Squid]