Illustration for article titled Red Epic Used to Shoot Sexiest Woman Alive, Kate Beckinsale, at 5K Resolution

Megan Fox may have been sexy enough to use the 3K resolution Red Epic video camera to shoot with, but the sexiest woman alive needs 5K. Kate Beckinsale is an extra 2K sexier than Megan Fox.


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It's technologically interesting since, with both the 3K and the 5K Red cameras, they're able to take video and strategically take out frames to use as stills. This makes it a lot easier on the photographer since he doesn't need to know, intuitively, when the best few seconds are to snap a stream of shots—he can just point the thing and tell Kate to be sexy.


It's too bad for Kate though, because in order to crown a new Sexiest Woman Alive next year, Esquire will have to have her put down. [Esquire]

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