Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Quick Fix Edition

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If you haven't noticed, Remainders is movin' on up. To an earlier time slot, that is. Today, we have a quick fix for Nexus One 3G problems, some iPhone 4 wishful thinking, and ways to dress your iPhone and yourself.

On the EDGE
Today, the Boy Genius reported on a possible fix for Nexus One's widely publicized 3G issues. The proposed solution was a simple one: go into the phone's settings and under the Wireless & Networks section choose the "Select Automatically" option. Alas, it's too good to be completely true: this fix will only work in areas where T-Mobile has an agreement to use AT&T's towers for additional coverage. Still, it's probably worth a shot if you're a superphone user who is tired of living on the EDGE. [Boy Genius Report]


Wishful Thinking
Analyst Peter Misek analyzed the information surrounding Apple's event next week, synthesized the rumors he'd heard about the new iPhone, consulted his tea leaves, and concluded that there's a "good chance" that Wednesday's event will include an announcement of the iPhone 4 coming to Verizon. There's also a good chance that he's guilty of some seriously wishful thinking. For one thing, it doesn't make any sense for Apple to confirm iPhone's availability on Verizon six months ahead of time, an announcement that would hurt half a year of iPhone sales on AT&T. John Paczkowski, who reposted Misek's rumor on All Things Digital, confessed that he had "no idea how much credence to give speculation like this." How about none? [All Things Digital]


Good Touch, Bad Touch
Oh Gizmo, you tricked me into thinking that the Game Boy Advance was coming back with a touch screen. In fact, this Game Boy Advance Touch is just a regular old Advance with the guts ripped out and an iPhone stuffed in in their place. The hardware controls don't work, but if you follow the link through to the creator's site you'll see that this mod can be worn around the neck as a fashionable accessory. The page's URL sums this project up pretty succinctly though: stupid_iphone_case. [Oh Gizmo]


Fashionable Films
This? This here's a t-shirt celebrating the oeuvre of the late director John Hughes, a Giz favorite. As the site says, there's no better way to dress up for your Shermer High class reunion. [Dutch Southern]