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Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Such a Tease Edition

In today's Remainders: excitement! Sorta. A shot of the iPhone 4 that doesn't really tell us anything about the iPhone 4; a Star Wars and Sea Chicken adventure; a $500 HD camcorder that doesn't quite rev our engines; and more.

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Home Movies
JVC's Enverio family grew by one member today with the announcement of the GZ-HM340, another just-barely-sub-$500 HD camcorder. The camera is outfitted with a Konica Minolta HD lens with 20x optical zoom and 16GB of flash memory expandable by SD card, and includes one touch upload to YouTube, face recognition and image stabilization. That's all good and well, but at this point we've seen $500 HD camcorders before and it's gonna take little bit more than the GZ-HM340 offers to really get our mouths watering. [Engadget]

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AT&T is providing their own relief for those volunteering in Haiti, waiving all international roaming fees, data fees, and text message fees for its customers helping out in the devastated nation. The "billing relief" will be retroactively effective back to January 12, the day the earthquake hit, and will last until the end of February. Good for AT&T, but it only took Verizon eight days after the quake to waive their international fees. [AT&T]

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Trust us. We like a good iPhone rumor as much as the next crew, but this banged up photo just leaves us scratching our heads. Sure, that might in fact be a prototype of the new iPhone on top of a prototype iPad, but that doesn't mean there's much to take away here. It looks like the iPhone's aluminum bezel has been replaced by some sort of black plastic, but seeing the state of the iPad in the shot, it's hard draw any real conclusions from this sneak peek. [Apple Insider]


Episode IV.5
If you were unclear about the events that transpired between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, this Japanese commercial from 1978 fills in the narrative: Luke, Han and Leia are still involved in a passionate love triangle and spend most of their time in karaoke bars; C3PO is a waiter at one such bar, often serving the galaxy's favorite brand of tuna fish: Sea Chicken; Chewbacca jumps up and down for some reason. In fact, by the end of the commercial we see that everyone loves Sea Chicken tuna fish so much that the Empire and the Rebel Alliance are temporarily able to put aside their differences and enjoy a brief period of tuna fish-filled intergalactic harmony. Then, the Rebel fleet absconds to Hoth with all the Sea Chicken and we all know how it goes from there. [CrunchGear]

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Die Fledermaus

Wait weren't those the costumes and dancers from the French Star Wars dance interpretation?