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Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

Illustration for article titled Remainders - Things We Didnt Post

Here's the stuff that we didn't post today. (Until now, obviously.)

• We were startled to find that someone had spotted the phrase "iPhone Video" in an AT&T support website pulldown menu. Then we remembered two things: 1) Apple resisted using the term "iPod Video" for a year when that product first came out, and 2) anyone with HTML skillz can make their own convincing pulldowns, as Jesus demonstrates in the shot above. The iPhone Video might be the actual name, but this isn't worthwhile proof. [TUAW]


• Speaking of Apple, people familiar with other people, none of whom like to share their names, say that Steve Jobs is on track to return when he promised he would. In other words, nothing has changed. [WSJ]

• Japanese engineers created a perverted device featuring a dancing lady on a small screen, and a camera to track your dirty, dirty finger reaching out to touch her. It doesn't really look like a viable product, though, and besides, if we wanted to see dancing ladies respond to our touch, why, uh, we'd just download some iPhone app to do it. [Engadget]


• There are space nerds, and then there are space nerds. This couple, belonging to the latter category, plans to get hitched during a zero-g parabolic freefall inside a padded Boeing 727. That's all well and good, and we wish them luck, but why the hell are they making their guests pay $3250 to ride along? Not cool, guys. [The Sun UK]

• Say it with me: "Twitter Business Card Generator." The card itself only contains one piece of actionable information: Your Twitter handle. Everything else is either redundant—URL and QR Code pointing to your account—or out of date—follower count, etc.—the minute you hit Ctrl-P. Also, if someone needs a piece of paper to figure out how to follow you, they probably shouldn't be following you. [DVice]


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but the naked dancing lady on pole gadget is perfectly within standard parameters for Giz, why didn't you just hold onto it for the weekend when it's slow?