Verizon's Android Lineup Gets an Addition With HTC Sense...Yahoo Starts News Blog, Contributes to Death of Legitimate Journalism...Vuzix New Video Glasses Look Like Oakleys, Not as Hip as Wayfarers...AOL Hints at Some Mysterious Surprise, I'm Surprised AOL Still Exists...

Remember when Verizon had the best network and the worst phones? Actually, you don't have to remember, since that's still (subjectively) true right now, but not for long—the Big Red's upcoming Android lineup is looking outrageously promising, with the Hero, Sholes, Droid, Calgary, and now a mysterious new handset called the HTC Desire. We spied the name on a Verizon inventory list a month and a half ago, and now we've got a photo of it—and it looks, well, sort of like the Hero. It's clearly boasting HTC's Sense UI and we can very faintly make out a trackball. The only other thing we're pretty sure about is that the Desire will be a touchscreen-only phone: No keyboard here, folks. Honestly it looks a lot like the Hero, but it may have some distinguishing feature we just don't know about yet. [Boy Genius Report]


Yahoo is getting ready to launch a new news blog, which will consist of both original reporting and linking out to other sites, because that's how journalism is done nowadays. They've recruited Andrew Golis, publisher of Talking Points Memo, and will incorporate the new blog into the already popular Yahoo News page. Why's it in Remainders? Because I really, really doubt anyone bothered to read this far into a post about a Yahoo news blog. [Giga Om]

Vuzix's new Wrap 310 video glasses, which begin shipping today, are much in the same vein as Vuzix's previous products, only slightly less silly-looking. This time, they've opted for the "dorky Oakleys" look, while giving a 16:9 picture that appears the same size as a 55-inch picture at ten feet. It also includes, in case you forget, noise-isolating earbuds and compatibility with a whole mess of different video sources (including all iPhone and iPod with video models). It ended up in Remainders because who wears video glasses besides that Reading Raindbow guy? As a side note, sort of, did you guys know that Reading Rainbow has left this mortal coil? Usually I scoff at old people who get teary-eyed about the way things used to be (ha, newspapers!) but seriously you guys we will have to officially cede the title of Greatest Country in the Universe if our bright-eyed children don't have access to Reading Rainbow. [Vuzix, Videogum]


AOL hinted, at the Web 2.0 Summit today, that they've got something big up their sleeves. "We have been working on something for the last three months that I think is a fairly substantial shift in our technology," said Tim Armstrong. CNET surmises that this big shift is something to do with their extensive roster of blogs, since Armstrong mentioned AOL has been poaching writers from respectable publications like the Wall Street Journal and ESPN. Thrilling stuff, you guys. If you have to ask why this is in Remainders, congratulations for not falling asleep already. [CNET]

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