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Remember that time Megatron got drunk on the Transformers cartoon?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's a scene we hope Michael Bay has tucked away somewhere in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. On a 1985 episode of The Transformers, Megatron and his gang of knucklehead Decepticons get totally shithoused on Energon. Good looking out, FCC!

This amazing sequence occurred in the episode "Microbots" — Megatron has just acquired a super-powered Cybertronian upgrade and the Decepticons are celebrating their victory. Megatron drunkenly gurgles that he really, really hates being a robot in disguise and would rather just waltz about as a plain old robot. Also, the jet fighter Decepticon Thundercracker flies while under the influence.

The Go-Bots (or hell, the Rock Lords — Telly Savalas as Magmar!) would never stand for their rogues gallery hooching it up like a bunch of teenagers getting giggly over Bartles & Jaymes. Hat tip to syafiqjabar of Mars, who brought this gem to our attention.


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