Beautiful beaches probably aren't the first thing that come to mind when thinking of jolly olde England, but seaside resorts have been popular getaways for city-dwellin' Brits for nearly two centuries. People do still go visit, but the Victorian-era piers that dot the coast have seen some better days.

Brighton-based photographer Simon Roberts has spent the past four years snapping these structural remnants in their current, somewhat dilapidated state: torn apart by fires, tides, and storms, partially dismantled during WWII to prevent German forces from docking, and generally worn away by the sands of time.

Only half of the hundred or so originals are still around, and Roberts captures their fading glory in Pierdom, a beautifully moody series that sets spindly pilings against foggy horizons for an effect that's nostalgic, creepy, sad, and almost otherworldly. I picked a few of my faves here, but you should definitely head over to his site to see more from the collection and to gawk at his other lovely work. [Klat Magazine]