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Remotes like these are a godsend. Every single time I visit my grandmother, I am forced to explain how the TV, VCR, and DVD player well as 500 other things. When a company creates a swiss-army-esque remote like this one, I breathe a sigh of relief and a tear of joy rolls down my cheek. The Harmony 880 is balls to the wall on features with it's bright LCD screen. You can use it with X10, stereo recievers, televisions, Xbox, hell, anything with RF it seems. It works like a lot of other hardcore remotes by hooking it up to your PC or Mac via a USB cable and you can download different profiles for your gear. It also comes with "do it all for me" buttons like "Watch TV" or "Watch a Movie". Perfect. My grandmother is getting one right away.

Things we love: the Harmony 880 remote [PVR Blog]