Replace All Your Sheet Music With the ELASTICK Music Stand

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While musicians gleefully move their musical talents into the tech world, they still need a way to see their work during performances or recording sessions. The ELASTICK solves that problem by strapping your tablet to a standard microphone stand. Easy.


And when it isn't attached to a mic stand, it does a fair job of just keeping your iPad/Android tablet/anything else upright. Whatever app you choose to use, be it an audio recorder, mixer, or a sheet music keeper, this is a pretty cool Kickstarter idea. Chamber orchestras and students alike could make use of something like this. Even if it looks a little awkward. [Kickstarter via Ubergizmo]



This is sort of silly.

I'm a professional trumpet player, and I know some players who use an iPad. For jazzers, the Fake Book or Real Book, a collection of lead sheets for popular songs, is already available as a PDF download. And the iPad is not too heavy to rest on any existing music stand, though light weight wire stands might be problematic. Other musicians scan their existing sheet music to PDF and store it on the iPad. If you're standing on a stage, what are you going to rest this thing on? You still need a stand.

Some commenters have mentioned scrolling, but I don't think scrolling is a viable option. As we read music, our eyes track to follow the notes, but also look ahead—and behind. Players often refer back to key signatures and time signatures that may have changed a few lines up, and a scrolling piece of sheet music would be impractical.

But I'm speaking as an old fart trumpet player who started playing in 1974. Who knows what kids today will be used to.

Now go practice!