Report: Microsoft Working on Translucent Aluminum Smartwatch

Illustration for article titled Report: Microsoft Working on Translucent Aluminum Smartwatch

An iWatch may still be a distant dream, but at least Microsoft fans have a glimmer of hope. According to "sources familiar with Micosoft's Surface plans," a translucent, aluminum smart watch could soon be hugging wrists everywhere.


According to The Verge, the Surface team is busy engineering the wrist-worn tech, which was originally meant to be a Joule heart rate monitor. There have already been reports that Microsoft's been sucking up 1.5-inch displays from various manufactures, but The Verge's source also claims that the new smartwatches will be hitting shelves with removable bands in several different colors. Separately, AmongTech claims that those itty bitty screens will be coming cased in Oxynitride Aluminum—a material three times harder than glass.

All this hardware will be running a modified version of Windows 8 and come with 6GB of storage, LTE support, and—of course—major reliance on the cloud. And now that Microsoft is slowly molding itself into a single, cohesive unit, this little piece of tech will be just another link in the coming autonomous, Windows orgy of an ecosystem. [The Verge]



Nice. So the NSA will be tracking you via the XB1 Kinect sensor when you're at home, and then via the watch when you're on the go. :D