Report: This Could Be HP's First Windows 8 Tablet

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A slide supposedly leaked from an HP presentation revealing our first look at what might be HP's first Windows 8 tablet. If you believe the slide obtained by Neowin the HP Slate 8 will be a 10.1-inch, 9.2mm thick, 1.5-pound tablet—in other words it has a slightly bigger screen but a slimmer body than the iPad.

We first heard rumors of an upcoming HP Windows 8 tablet back in February. According to reports, the tablet will run an x86 processor and come out around the end of the year. The timing makes sense considering that's when Windows 8 is supposed to drop. Intriguingly, it looks like HP might have its eyes on selling the tablet to big companies instead of individuals as it's loaded with HP ProtectTools security software and support for HP's higher-end Computrace business security. It's interesting that HP's targeting enterprise so hard right off the bat, especially after being burned by the business-focused HP Slate 7. Then again, it's not like the consumer-friendly TouchPad turned out much better. [Neowin via SlashGear]