Report: We're Not Getting Retina MacBook Airs This Week After All

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It looks like we may have to wait a bit longer for those crystal-clear retina MacBook Airs. In a report on Re/code today, John Paczkowski claims that Apple's long-awaited pixel-powered MacBook Air update won't be released at Apple's impending event this Thursday.

The upgrade to retina screens has been on our most-wanted list for more than a year, and many assumed that Apple's Thursday press event would hold not only new iPads, but also those new Airs. If Paczkowski is correct, the updated laptop won't arrive just yet; rather, we'll get new iPads, Yosemite, and perhaps a new iMac. It's disappointing news for those who want an Air but can't stand its outdated display resolution, but it doesn't mean a new MacBook Air isn't impending. It just appears to be not quite as impending as we thought. [Re/Code]

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If we ever do let's hope they come with black bezels, that has bothered me ever since they first came out.