Restore Your iPod's Shine With iDrops

IDrops, get it? It's like "eye drops" but with an iPod "i" instead. Genius! Anyway, PodShop's iDrops is a special cleaning fluid designed to restore your iPod's once glorious luster and shine. Since iPods pick up fingerprints and grime faster than the US' World Cup exit, keeping it nice and shiny is a often an exercise in futility. While you can buy abrasive cleaners like Brasso to polish the metal on the iPod, iDrops is intended to be used on the plastic (or polycarbonate or acrylic, depending on your iPod model). IDrops is compatible with all models of the iPod, from the Frankenstein-like first generation to the fifth generation iPod with video. The cleaning solution can also be used on other electronic gadgets, like GameBoys, iBooks and CDs.

IDrops retail for $14.95 per bottle on PodShop's eye-pleasing Web site.

Product Page [PodShop via Ubergizmo]


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