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Retailers Wish is Granted, PSP Priced Dropped to $169

Illustration for article titled Retailers Wish is Granted, PSP Priced Dropped to $169

Remember a couple weeks ago when retailers were calling for a price drop on the PSP? Their wish was granted today when Gamestop/EB Games dropped the price of the core system to $169.


Was the retailer demands the only reason for the price drop? Perhaps, but there have been a lot of PSP2 speculation lately. If you don't have a PSP, now may be the time to jump, especially with this system getting down to a more reasonable range, the possibilities with the device as a media player and especially because of some good game titles like Puzzle Quest, Ratchet & Clank and, of course, Lumines.


PSP Core Drops to $169 Tomorrow [Kotaku]

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