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Retailers Want a PSP Price Drop

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Shit is hitting the fan with the PSP, and that is pretty obvious as of late. According to the folks at 1UP, some "big name" retailers are calling for a PSP price drop or the portable console may be dropped from the shelves entirely due to a lack of sales. We've heard confirmation of an updated PSP, but will that device come with a cheaper price tag or will the original PSP price tag be chopped down a bit? Either sound fine to me.


The PSP may be flopping right now, but if Sony can put the right spin on it, I could see a "PSP Lite" taking off. Especially if it still has the great looking screen, media support and cheaper (think competitive with the $129 DS Lite) price tag. You know, I am kind of excited to see what is going to happen with the PSP, which has a ton of potential. Take note, people. I don't get excited over Sony products very often.


PSP Something Happening Soon [1UP]

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The PSP is probably one of the few Sony products I really like. My only issue with it is that the games available don't appeal to me. Being what it is I can't justify purchasing one just for PSP movies..that would plain blow since the hard copies are tied into that one system alone. The DS is my porto-gamer of choice though, PSP will have to remain on the shelf.