Sony Confirms New, Slimmer PSP in the Works

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It's only been two days since we reported on those PSP 2 rumors and already a Sony exec has made our rumor official by confirming the company's plans to make a PSP2. Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Ray Maguire was quoted as saying the new PSP will be more pocket-friendly, thanks to a smaller and lighter design. Maguire also said the PSP2 will have the same screen size as the current PSP. So we're basically looking at a PSP Lite. No word on when it'll launch, though we here at Giz are wondering if Sony will plan on actually making games for the new PSP.


New PSP Confirmed [T3]

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Well that's too bad. I was hoping to hear that they were done with the UMD and would be putting an 8GB flash drive in side. All the content would be downloaded to the PS3 (or PC) and stored to the internal 8GB or SD stick. I think stepping away from media is a step into the future for this device.