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Retro Dock Is How Grandpa Would Have Enjoyed His iPhone

Illustration for article titled Retro Dock Is How Grandpa Would Have Enjoyed His iPhone

Digging deep into its design archives, Philips has introduced a small collection of retro-looking radios packing decidedly modern features like DAB+ digital radio, and on the ORD 7100R, a pop-out iOS device dock.


But the real appeal here are the radio's old-timey designs which feature deep rich colors, faux wood finishes, and classic-looking knobs and buttons. It's like they've turned the stereo from your grandfather's stationwagon into a centerpiece for your kitchen counter. There's no word on pricing or availability just yet, but you can probably expect them to drop in time for the Christmas shopping season. [Philips via Pocket-lint]

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John Crane

What about the new docking connectors Apple is supposed to be getting? And, I wish they sold more docks for Android devices.