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Infosync World has a hands on with SE's W300i Walkman phone. This one is clamshell, and budget minded, at about $300 dollars. They note wisely that it has the same screen, and OS as the other Walkman phones, so that means it's solid, with great music playback. Available in July, for abou $300. They also give its flaccid 0.3 MP Camera a sad face. More Gizmodo impressions after the jump.

Pros: Cheap at $300 list, EDGE high speed network support, BT, Java support, solid OS, 256 MBs of memory is expandable by memory stick, no DRM for AAC and MP3 files. External screen.
Cons: Not as sexy as the other SE phones. 0.3 MP Camera useless.


W300i [ Sony Ericsson via Infosync World]

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