Reviewed: US Robotics USR9610 Skype Speakerphone (Verdict: Recommended)

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Your small business looking for a good portable speakerphone to use with Skype? Jim Courtney over at Skype Journal got the US Robotics Speakerphone we told you about a while back. He says the setup's a breeze (plugs into USB port, no power adapter or software drivers) and audio quality is high:

I called Bill Campbell on Skype; certainly at my end his voice was of sufficient volume and clear. Noting the full duplex nature of the device, Bill reports that at his end there was no "barrel effect." Convenient volume and mute buttons allow you to manage your conversation without accessing the computer application. As the final measure we were able to carry on a normal conversation with no impediment caused by the technology.


The USR Speakerphone's currently available online from anywhere between $40 to $65, a nice low price that makes it a good affordable option for business travelers, or even families that use Skype to call Grampa so the kids make it into the will.

US Robotics Speakerphone: a Wish Answered [Skype Journal]

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There actually exists at OEM version of this speaker phone which I believe is manufactured by Yealink. The pricing for it is way below what US Robotics charges.

As an example, you purchase it for under USD 35 (depending on the US-Canadian dollar conversion rate) here:…