RFID-Blocking Wallet

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Are you super-paranoid about RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and how it allegedly melts holes in your brain and compromises your security? Then this wallet is for you. Dustin Kirk got a bit paranoid about today's growing use of RFID in everything from credit cards (like Chase's new Blink card) to driver's licenses and alien UFOs, so he made a wallet to store things in a way that blocks RFID transmissions. Apparently, some foil from the local Super Fresh worked just fine, so he integrated the foil into his Duct Tape wallet design. The end result is a wallet that blocks RFID signals, was cheap to make, and is ugly as sin. Hey, it's your security, so go for it. But don't expect the end result looking like you got it from Banana Republic.

NEW RFID Blocking Wallet


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