Rhapsody's Streaming Music iPhone App Now Works Offline, Too

All-you-can-eat music services are an intoxicating prospect, but the limitations can be dealbreakers—specifically, that fact that a lot of them don't let you take your music with you, or limit the devices in or on which you can play it back. It's not just annoying; it drives home the fact that you don't actually own your music. So! Onward to the news nugget: As of the incoming version 2.0, Rhapsody's iPhone app lets you slurp and save playlists from their servers, onto your device:

Here's how it works: say you've built the perfect road-trip playlist. Simply launch your Rhapsody app, open the playlist and click the Download icon. You'll need either a 3G or WiFi connection to
do this initially, but once the songs are saved to your device, you can rappel into the deepest crevices of the Grand Canyon and still be able to play them back. In the coming months, we're adding the ability to download individual songs and albums directly from album pages; we started with playlists because that's how most of our customers listen to their music.

The tipping point for me will be when album support gets added, making the creation of this secondary, rented music library less cumbersome. Wait, no: the real tipping point will be when that's happened and multitasking has been built into the app to take advantage of iPhone OS 4, meaning I could actually replace my iPod app with this thing, sort of. I think I'm comfortable with that.

Offline support for Android is coming within a few months, and BlackBerry and iPad-specific apps are apparently in the works. [Rhapsody]

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Well, that's handy.

Or you could just get a Zune Pass, which is much better integrated. Hey look, you'd get better hardware and software to boot!

And doesn't this "duplicate functionality" of apps built into the ipod/iphone, and therefore mean that it could be killed remotely at any time? Just curious.