RIAA VP Calls Steve Jobs "Hypocrite," Tries to Punch Him at Recess

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Somehow this half-escaped us in March, but we can't resist talking about it now: apparently, Dave Hughes thinks Steve Jobs is a "hypocrite."


And yes, while we agree that His Steveness is wrong when he says that movies should be exempt of the new DRM-free spirit in the iTunes Music Store, it sure takes some bollocks for the RIAA Senior VP of Technology to throw the first stone and call him a "hypocrite." More details about Dave's farce right after the jump.


It all happened in a Q&A at Arizona State University, where he also spilt the beans on Jobs saying that Apple would only open FairPlay to other stores when they had less than 50% market share. Did he know at the time that EMI and Apple were going to send FairPlay to hell while the later was still commanding 75% of the online music sales business?

We will never know, but now it's time to put the sour grapes aside, Dave, and get on with the program. Maybe if your pals in the music industry follow EMI you'll be able to pressure The Steve and his MPAA mates into taking DRM off movies as well. Look at it as a great opportunity to demonstrate he's really the hypocrite you think he is.

As a side note, Dave also took some time to blame customers for Britney Spears, charged against those who "steal content" and finally laughed at Consumerist readers' "Worst Company In America" title. Probably with a maniac rictus too, while caressing his cat paw.


P.S. And yes, I know, it's Giz's third Python reference today. Ni!

The RIAA Came to ASU Today [via Consumerist via The Inquirer]


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Smell that? Yeah, smells like bullshit. Gotta love the RIAA though.

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