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Ribbit is Like Google Voice Voicemail for iPhone, Except It Actually Exists

Illustration for article titled Ribbit is Like Google Voice Voicemail for iPhone, Except It Actually Exists

Seeing Google Voice repeatedly bash its forehead against the gates of the App Store gave competitor Ribbit an idea: why not just cut the features Apple and/or AT&T are scared of, like calling and texting? And so they did.


Ribbit proper is a direct Google Voice competitor, which means it offers number consolidation, calls, contacts management and, well, pretty much everything you need to become your own personal phone carrier. Ribbit for iPhone, though, is a little more bare: calling, texting and address book functions have been replace with the iPhone native functions, leaving only the company's voicemail service intact. But for a lot of people, this is actually pretty great: you get to keep you number, your voicemail gets replaced with transcribed, unlimited, web-stored recordings, and at least for now, it's all free. [iTunes via ReadWriteWeb via Lifehacker]


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I admit, I'm a little surprised that apple hasn't just bitten the bullet and done their own voicemail transcription app. You wouldn't think it would be THAT difficult, seeing as other companies have done it...and it would virtually eliminate the need for another whole category for apps - something they're always looking to do.

I admit, I'm likely more inclined to use this than gvoice, simply because I have no need for the phone number consolidation piece: as such the VM transcription was the part that most captured my imagination.

This could bring phone sexing/texting to a WHOLE new level. I wonder how it transcribes a low, throaty, moan...