Rich Kids in Tiny Tesla Model S Ride-ons Will Now Be Looking Down on You Too

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What you’re really paying for when you buy an electric car like the Tesla Model S isn’t the savings on fuel, or even the whisper quiet ride. You’re paying for the ability to be smug and self-righteous to drivers in gas-powered cars, and now even little kids can start making others feel guilty about driving a gas-guzzler.

Tesla Motors teamed up with Radio Flyer—the company most famous for its red metal wagons—to create a miniature version of the Model S that uses similar battery technology to achieve a top speed of six miles per hour. And before you start to consider it as a cheaper alternative to a real Tesla Model S, keep in mind this $500 version—shipping some time in May—can only support drivers up to 81 pounds.

Almost every last detail of Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S is borrowed from the full-sized car, including the turbine-inspired hub caps, the working headlights, the color options, the battery charging port, and even the optional $50 indoor car cover.


Other options include a more powerful battery offering about 50 percent more run time, and even a custom vanity license plate in case you weren’t 100 percent sure if your kid driving around a tiny replica Tesla Model S wasn’t already obnoxious enough.


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