RIM Is Definitely Developing a WebKit (Read: Decent) Browser

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It wasn't a huge leap to take RIM's purchase of Torch Mobile, a software company known exclusively for making a WebKit mobile browser, as a sign that the company was considering taking the dive. Today, though, we can be sure.


BlackBerry just put out a call for WebKit developers, for a very specific reason:

Utilizing their knowledge in C++ programming, the successful candidate will be working in a fast-paced, dynamic development environment to develop a WebKit-based browser for the BlackBerry Platform.

Ok! The only question now is, when? Normally the initial hiring of a core developer could be taken to mean that the project is embryonic, and the final product still months away, but keep in mind: In Torch Mobile's Iris, RIM bought an entire, complete browser. In other words, this may just be an optimization project, not a full-on browser development, so decent browsing on BlackBerry could be closer than we thought. [CareerBeacon via Engadget]


too late I'll be dropping the tour for the Motorola droid #blackberrywebkit