RIM Launches Facebook App for BlackBerries

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Always working to meet the needs of their bleary eyed, raw-thumbed customers, RIM's making it easier for power traders and venture capitalists to poke each other right from their BlackBerries. The new Facebook app, available later today from Facebook or RIM only for T-Mobile customers for now [Update: People with other providers are saying it works just fine on their CrackBerries], will ping your symbiote with new notifications and messages and let you scroll through them just like email you should be reading for work. Better yet, the photo upload tool is directly integrated into its camera and photo software so you can manage uploading blurry, vaguely incriminating photos from company parties even while intoxicated!

Onscreen icons let you do pretty much everything one does on Facebook, except Zombie attacks—write on walls, change your status (please adhere to the "is" grammatical structure, kthxbai), poke people or send messages. Finally, you can invite people to join Facebook and accept new friend requests on the spot, so you don't have to remember someone's name all the way through stumbling home, logging onto your account and hitting up Friend Finder in order to wonder who the hell they are when you see their name and most recent nonsensical status update splayed across your home page the next morning. Thanks, RIM. [RIM]