Last week, the tech review site Wirecutter announced it was suspending its recommendation of Ring products citing a report about a data leak by BuzzFeed’s Caroline Haskins. This prompted Fight for the Future to contact other review sites and ask them to rescind their recommendations as well.


In a press release, Fight for the Future also pointed to a blog by Gizmodo’s Adam Clark Estes, which instructs readers to avoid purchasing Ring devices for themselves or anyone else and look at buying other similar devices, such as the Nest Hello doorbell, instead.

“Just steer clear of Ring,” Estes wrote.

Fight for the Future said Consumer Reports and Tom’s Guide, two popular review sites, were discussing options internally. Several other sites, including PC Magazine,, and Digital Trends, reportedly didn’t respond to the group’s emails.


“The reviewers we’ve reached out to recommended Ring as the best in their category. Meanwhile, report after report details security issues, concerns, and leaks with Ring technology,” Greer told Gizmodo. “These devices are not safe. It’s important reviewers honor the public trust and suspend their recommendation.”

Update, 12/25: Tom’s Guide has published an explanation of why it has no plans to rescind its recommendation that consumers buy Ring cameras. Despite additional shortcomings in Ring’s security policies outlined by Motherboard this week, Tom’s Guide says it believes the company is not fully to blame for the problems plaguing Ring customers.


“Is Ring completely absolved of blame? Not in the least. It should have done a better job at demanding users turn on two-factor authentication, and its lack of transparency with regards to its cooperation with police departments brings up all sorts of privacy concerns,” the site says.

The site’s explanation includes additional security tips for Ring users, all of which you can read here.