River Song Takes the Lead in a New Doctor Who Comic Special

Image: Titan Comics
Image: Titan Comics

In Titan Comics’ upcoming special Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension, the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors will work together in order to do battle with The Void, the vacuous space between all dimensions that’s consuming the multiverse. But when the Doctors face the Void this fall, they won’t be alone.


Today, Doctor Who comics writer Emma Beeby took to Twitter to share an early look at the cover for the seventh issue of The Lost Dimension which it turns out is actually set to be a special featuring River Song, the part-human, part-Timelord companion (and wife) to the Eleventh Doctor.

Given that she spent her life traveling through time to meet various incarnations of the Doctor on multiple adventures, it isn’t surprising that River will show up in The Lost Dimension. But even if River might be presently dead on the show, it’s not stopped her from popping up all over Time and Space in other Doctor Who stories. Perhaps this is just the groundwork for a comic book spinoff of her own?

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension begins in August.



Let me know when she meets number 13.