Road to CES: Gadgets, Gadgets and Gadgets

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If you've been checking up on us in the past couple of days, you'll notice that we've been doing big dumps of gadget posts all in a row, often from the same company. There's a reason for that: embargoes.


You see, companies want their CES news to hit all at once—some of them before CES, some of them during CES, and some of them right during their press conferences. So stay tuned in the next couple days as embargoes are up and we're free to talk about lots and lots of gadgets. You may want to refresh more often than usual.

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If I were a company (which I'm not), I would rather give you a few pieces of news each day throughout CES.

What's the advantage of getting one day of "OohOohOoh" followed by all us ADD'ed interweb-readers immediately going "OohOohOoh" again at the next set of shiny toys we see instead of making us just go "OohOoh" or even just "Ooh," but doing it every day for a week?