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Roadmap for Intel's First Nehalem-Based Mobile Chips Leaked

Illustration for article titled Roadmap for Intels First Nehalem-Based Mobile Chips Leaked

Details for Intel's new quad- and dual-core i7 and i5 chips have leaked in the form of a roadmap, so we've got some excellent specifics, including release dates and prices.


The new quad-core "Clarksfield" chips are the most expensive and powerful, and will be able to scale up clock speed with a feature called "Turbo Boost" that shuts down cores that aren't being used. They'll come in 1.6, 1.73 and 2.0GHz models, scalable to 2.8, 3.06, and 3.2GHZ, respectively. They'll be pretty pricey at $340, $750 and $1,000. The dual-core chips are significantly cheaper but at the expense of cache size. The quad-cores should be arriving this fall, with the first of the dual-cores hitting in early 2010. Check out the image for more details. [PC Watch (translated) via Electronista]

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This sounds great but my understanding is that most apps can't use quad cores.

I have a 2.0 GHz c2d.

If I get a 2.0 GHz with four quads will my CD's and DVDs rip faster?

What will be the immediate effect?